Classroom polling options

Many faculty are polling their classes live. This is a great learner-centered activity where you can engage students quickly in content, allow for choice in the classroom, or do a formative assessment. Polling classes live requires that all students have their own device. Below are two live classroom polling options and some ideas on how you can use each polling option.

Google forms does more than just create forms for you. It will compile data and place it into a spreadsheet for you. A form can contain as little as one question. Once you have created a form, you must share it with your class. They will receive an email that you shared a form with them. Then they can open the form and answer the questions. After they have completed the form, the data will be placed in a spreadsheet that you can view immediately. It’s best to ask Google to create a summary of answers for you in order to review the data quickly.


  • You can ask all types of questions.
  • You can create graphs and manipulate the data.
  • Results are immediate.


  • You have to share the form with all of the students in your class.
  • If you no longer want students to see or use the form, then you have to unshare the form.
  • The raw data spreadsheet is almost useless. You will usually have to run a summary report.

Google forms is probably best used as a formative assessment tool.  How much do your students know on the current topic?  Are there still some murky points, or is it time to move on to different topics?  You can also use it as an opinion poll.  What would students like to do next?

To learn more about Google forms, click here.

Socrative is external to Google and Baker, but it is a free online polling method. Once you create an account, you’re given a classroom number that you can give to students. They enter in the number to access whatever quiz or poll you have made live. You can create and save many quizzes, and the data is immediately visible via a report that you run. There are different kinds of activities or things you can do with your quizzes. For example, you can place students in groups and have them take a group quiz for a class competition.


  • Student only see quizzes that you make live. Once the quiz has been completed, it’s not longer live.
  • No need to clear data in between quizzes. (This makes it easier to use over and over)
  • Results are immediate.


  • There are fewer question types.
  • You cannot save data from quiz to quiz unless you download the report.

Socrative is best for quick and easy quizzes that you will want to use over and over again.  You can use it in class competitions or as a formative assessment.  Socrative also has an Exit Ticket quiz that lets students rate how comfortable they feel with the topic of that day, report their murkiest point, and answer one teacher directed question.

Aubrey and Dr. Krug will be offering trainings on Socrative in the winter quarter.


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