Comparing your video options

Many faculty are using videos in their classroom for a variety of purposes.  You may already know that you can stream in videos via Youtube or other websites, but did you know that you can also create videos for a variety of purposes? There are many video options, but below are three video creation methods.

Google Hangouts is connected directly to your email.  There’s no need to set it up.  Click this link to learn how to use it. You can use Google Hangouts to talk to one person or a small group.  So it’s best for conference calls, student conferences or virtual office hours, or bringing in a speaker to the class.  You cannot record a Google Hangout, so it’s not good for recording lectures and saving for later.

Google Hangouts on Air requires some set up.  You will have to set up a Google+ account as well as a Youtube account.  Both of which are very easy to do.  The Youtube account is directly tied to your Baker email and Baker Google+ account.  Google Hangouts on Air are recorded live, on air.  That means other people can watch you talk to a speaker live via Youtube if they have the link, so it’s not ideal for private conversations.  But it is great for class speakers who you would like to record.  Click here to learn more about Google Hangouts on Air.

Video Everywhere is embedded directly in Blackboard.  There are a few big advantages to Video Everywhere. 1. Unlike Google Hangouts and Google Hangouts on Air, you don’t have to call anyone to create a video.  2. It gets embedded directly into Blackboard into whatever activity or assignment you create. 3. It creates a link in Youtube; however, the privacy settings are automatically set to private, so you can control who sees it and when.  This is great for creating lecture videos or offering video feedback to your students.  Click here to learn more about Video Everywhere.



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