Blackboard Resources

Learning a new program can be overwhelming, and sometimes those helpful resources are so great in number that the help becomes overwhelming as well.  So I’ve collected for you a few Blackboard training videos that you might find helpful.  These videos try to address some of the basic functions of Blackboard and the Blackboard requirements for all Baker classes.  If you want something more in depth, then check out the Blackboard Help website.

If you’re not sure about how to use Blackboard, here is a great video that gives you a quick tour.

This video is an hour long WebEx, so it’s an investment to watch but well worth it.  It covers best practices of the discussion board, specifically.  How we want instructors to use the discussion board and what evaluators should be looking for when coaching faculty on the best ways to use the discussion board.  I think it gives some great ideas on what you can do with the discussion board.


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