Why can’t I see a rubric that has been attached to an assignment?

This question has come up a couple of times particularly with direct measure assignments that have been created for you and are a part of your Blackboard course shell.  In order to help you solve this problem, I first need to describe the difference between content items, assignments, and grade center columns.

Content items contain information that you wish to share with your students.  They are not graded.  Assignments (which you will find under assessments) allow you to share information, but you are also telling Bb that students will be submitting that assignment via Bb.  So when you create an assignment, a column in the grade center will automatically be created for you.  You can also attach a rubric to an assignment.  A grade center column allows you to enter a grade for an assignment that you collected outside of Bb.  You can also attach rubrics to columns.

Here’s what’s holding people up: The rubric will not become active for an assignment until students have submitted something.  So if you’re creating an assignment but then collecting the assignment, the rubric will not activate, and you cannot use it.  The has been a problem for instructors whose direct measures are things like presentations and portfolios.  There are two solutions to this problem:

1. Ask students to submit something to the assignment link on Bb.  Communications instructors have been asking students to submit outlines in order to activate the rubrics for their courses.  Students can upload a file or type something in under type submission.

2. Delete the assignment and create a column.  When you create a column, you’re telling Bb that students submitted the assignment to you outside of Bb, so the rubric will be active as soon as you create the column.  To help students stay organized, you can create a content item in the appropriate weekly folder to remind students of the due date and give students assignment criteria.


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