Call for poster presentations

For the Fall 2015 Kickoff, we will be making time for a review of poster presentations.  Faculty interested in creating a poster need to review the guidelines below and submit a short proposal to the Flint IES (Aubrey Adrianson) by August 15, 2015.  Please note that all posters are stand alone products.  You will not be asked to stand beside your poster to answer questions.  Instead, you’ll be required to place your contact information on the poster for faculty to follow up with you directly.  Posters are due two weeks prior to the Fall Kickoff to Aubrey.

Poster guidelines:

  • Posters will be 36X48, tri fold poster board (provided by the college).
  • Presenters are required to fill the board with text explaining ideas, examples or illustrations of ideas, and name and contact information of the presenter.
  • Poster must stand alone. No additional commentary should be necessary in order to understand the information on the poster.
  • Poster presentation must be on one of the topics below:
  • Ways to engage the reluctant learner.
  • Ways to develop critical thinking skills.
  • Things I’ve learned from observing my colleagues.
  • Things to consider when making a rubric. OR How to make a great rubric.
  • How to get organized in Blackboard.
  • How to efficiently and effectively manage the discussion board (time saving tips that don’t sacrifice the quality of the interaction).
  • Ways instructors and students can use their own electronic devices in the classroom.
  • Ways to balance presenting content and time for learner centered activities.
  • JEF Grant proposal or follow up.

Remember topics should be small enough to be covered in one poster.  For example, for Ways to engage the reluctant learner, focus on 3 to 5 ways you have been able to engage the reluctant learner.

Proposal instructions:

The proposal process is simple. Just email Aubrey Adrianson at  Include in your email a description of:

  • Your topic
  • What information will be on your poster
  • What examples or illustrations will be on your poster (a brief description)
  • What kind of support you’ll need from Aubrey as you complete the project

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