Welcome to the Baker College of Flint and Cass City website for instructors.  Below is a list of services your Instructional Effectiveness Specialist can offer.  To the right is a list of recent newsletter articles along with upcoming professional development opportunities.

One-on-one help

Make an appointment to get answers to questions about anything related to instruction and technology.  Appointments can be face-to-face or via Google Hangouts.

Drop in training (coming this fall)

Drop in to the faculty area in Flint to get answers to questions about anything related to instruction and technology.  Questions that require lengthier training are appropriate at drop in sessions. Days and times for drop in training are posted on the Professional Development Calendar.

Classroom observation

You can invite your IES into your classroom for an informal and unofficial observation.  Informal means no formal documents will be used during the observation. What documents used and the type of feedback given will be decided by the faculty member and IES prior to the observation.  Unofficial means that the observation is not a part of the normal Faculty Growth and Evaluation Process or the Professional Growth Plan.  Faculty may wish to be observed by the IES: to look for strengths and weaknesses, because they are piloting a new teaching idea, they want feedback on something specific (for example student interaction), etc.  There will be a meeting between the you and the IES prior to the observation to talk about goals for the observation, date and time of observation, delivery of feedback, etc.  Information from this meeting and the observation is not shared with your dean without your consent.

Observation mentor

You can invite your colleagues in for an informal and unofficial observation.  Your IES can help you get organized for this observation by setting goals, developing a framework, etc.  This is a great way to get your feet wet with observation and evaluation especially if you plan to become a dean or associate dean or if you want view the observation process from the other side.

Blackboard check off

You can schedule a meeting with your IES to look at your Blackboard class site.  The purpose of the meeting is to check off and/or discuss minimum expectations, look for areas of improvement, discuss best practices, and/or solve any problems you might be having with Bb.  Faculty are welcome to come to the meeting with a specific agenda or questions in mind, or the IES can use a check off guide sheet to start the discussion.

Faculty led mini-lectures (coming this fall)

Your IES isn’t the only teaching and learning expert on campus.  Twice a quarter, faculty offer mini-lectures on great teaching or classroom ideas.  The mini-lectures are 30 minutes or less, followed by Q&A.  Snacks are provided, so all attendees must register at least 24 hours prior to the lecture.  Dates, times, locations, and the link to register are listed on the Professional Development Calendar.

Faculty learning communities (coming this fall)

The faculty learning communities project is an inter-college collaborative effort.  Faculty from Baker College, Kettering University, Mott Community College, and University of Michigan, Flint come together to discuss and do research on a topic.  The group is tasked with creating a product that they will share at the national speaker mini-conference.  The IES helps form the groups and serves as an advisor to these groups.  Contact your IES if you’re interested in starting a faculty learning community.

Quarterly in services (Kickoffs)

Your IES plans quarterly in services, also known as Kickoffs.  Attendance is required of all faculty.  This is a great place for faculty to share teaching ideas and research with the college.  If you’d like to be a presenter or would like to develop a poster presentation, contact your IES.

Contact: aubrey.adrianson@baker.edu